Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Books & Gardening

Received some new books: Sunset Western Garden Book; Closely Knit by Hannah Fettig - handmade gifts for the ones you love; Dream Toys by Claire Garland - a collection of knit and crochet fantastical toys (really cute dolphin, horse, unicorn and mermaid plus little sea creatures!) Hannah Fettig will be at the Scarlet Skein in Atascadero, CA on November 1st! I was going to go but that's the day after Halloween and wouldn't have time to get there. Oh well!

Been doing lots of gardening. Tried to get all the plants/trees in the picture but it didn't work. The whole back porch is lined with plants. Most of them are in 1 gallon pots and I have been transferring them all to 5 gallon pots...lots more to go! Its so relaxing and fun. Thought we were going to get a good rain yesterday but it only lasted for four minutes...didn't even wet the whole ground!:( Maybe this weekend we will get some!


Dawn said...

We need some rain as well, I know we're behind again this year! :(

I wish I had that green thumb, but, alas, it totally by-passed me genetically. Have fun playing in the dirt...err..potting soil! LOL!

What great books you got! I've been reading tons from the library, I wish I had room for all the books I read! Now, knitting books are a whole other enchilada! ;O) Those I'll splurge on even tho I have no place to put them!

I've got to go reschedule Chelsea's Ortho appts. She's been under the weather for a couple of weeks now. Rich has her at the Dr right now....

Alana said...

Well miss you at the book event!!

Wish you could make it, itd be fun to visit and catch up!

Nell said...

It rained up here last night/ this morning. Hopefully it'll be coming your way soon!