Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jimmy Froggin'

Jimmy is loving his new swim team...Frog Aquatics!
Looking quite tired in this picture because they were working on the butterfly stroke!
Head Coach Mike!

Coach Marissa - Jimmy's coach.
She made and brought brownies to her group yesterday. She's so sweet and an excellent coach!

This is the beautiful pool he gets to swim in. The area is so pretty too.
They had 35 teen swimmers and 12 younger ones yesterday! That's not even the whole team! Very awesome to see all the teens when they're swimming together! They're so good!


leesa said...

keep up the good work Jimmy hope to see you in 2012

Dawn said...

Another Michael Phelps in the making!! I always thought the breaststroke was a tough one! :P

Glad he's really enjoying this team!!! yay!!

Nell said...

That's so exciting! I'm glad he likes his new team. It's so important to have a good coach.