Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturdays excursions...

Went to the Museum of Man at Balboa Park to see the Egyptian mummies!
Walked around the park to see the Japanese garden and the huge buildings. Such a beautiful place to visit and see things!

Then went to an herbal garden...Summers Past Farms. Had an awesome time here, very pretty. I bought a bunch of homemade soap and even got a soap making kit. So excited to try this out too. Lots of beautiful plants and scenery....huge pumpkin patch right behind us too! After this we went to another yarn store...icky and didn't buy anything. It was barely a room size, dark and very unfriendly..people didn't even say hello! That ones off my list!

Then we went to the cove to swim with the fishies! So awesome!
The orange fish is the CA state marine fish...Garibaldi!
Have no idea what the silver fish were, but they were quite big! Also saw some striped fish too. Tried to touch them but they swim away to quick into this grassy marsh stuff.

Here's another CA fish...Jimmy! He loved this..of course its water!:) Last year he swam the rough water swim here in La Jolla but didn't want to do it this year, just wanted to play and enjoy himself.

James taking a self portrait!:)

Say "Cheese" its me!:)

Coming home today....


leesa said...

Too!! much fun

Nell said...

Great trip! You're going to love soapmaking! It's so fun!

Dawn said...

You guys have too much fun! Does the family just love being blogged about? LOL!!! They're stars and don't even know it! ;O)

Hugs!! And welcome HOME!!! :)