Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yesterday on Vacation...

We started out the day walking along the cove. Saw lots of birds, squirrels, and sea lions. Then we went down to walk on the ocean...Jimmy went after a shell and got caught by a wave...he's soaking wet in this picture. Of course I'm a big kid too the whole bottom of my dress is wet! The water was 67 degrees! brrr. Going to see if its better today, not that it matters because we want to use the underwater camera we go to take pics of fish!

After Jimmy showered and changed went to Balboa Park...there's over 13 museums here!
This is the botanical garden we went too. Just beautiful.

This is inside the garden...we took tons of pics of all the different species too!

Me and Jimmy outside of the garden!
There were huge koi, lily pad ponds too...awesome place.

Jimmy, Me, and James outside of the Science Museum in front of a huge fountain!
Reminded us of the Chevy Chase movie European a big laugh of us maybe getting in it like they did in the movie!:)

The whole science center was hands on activities...very fun!
After this we found a yarn store....The some nice linen lace weight yarn in a sage color. Nice store but was so exhausted to even look at know your tired when you don't want to look at yarn! More to come later....
Going to Balboa park again to see the Egyptian Museum, Natural History Museum...going to go to an Herb Garden, maybe another yarn store...and the ocean!


leesa said...

glad your having a wonderful vacation

Dawn said...

Me. Jealous. Ocean. sigh.

LOL!! Hope you're still having fun! That garden place looks stunning! We have a pretty neat science place in Oak Ridge, the girls love the hands on stuff they have in there too! I'm so glad you guys are having a great time! Enjoy it and stay cool!!! We're in for another blistering, humid day tomorrow, but then it's supposed to maybe feel like September again...we shall see! ;O)


Too tired for yarn???????? say it ain't so!! LOL!!!

Nell said...

I love the Botanical Gardens! Plants are so amazing. They can be so utterly odd shaped but somehow that supports the way that they survive. So interesting.

Glad you're having a great trip!