Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tooth Day

Had the second half of my root canal done today....ouchy! Normal people have 2-3 roots on the tooth they did but oh no I have to have special teeth and have 5 roots! Lucky me! At least its over!

Planted 5 trees this weekend in our yard...starting to look like someone lives here! Maybe the landscaping people will stop putting their cards in our mailbox!:) Whats wrong with dirt? :)

Tonight the Masters swim team starts....going to give it a shot even though my mouth is hurting...ooh shot bad choice of words!

Guess what? I won a contest on Alana's blog! You had to leave a comment about a funny sweater story on her blog and I won! I get either a magazine or her adorable sock pattern. So cool. Her podcasts are really good so check her out sometime!

I started another baby blanket (crocheted) and working on the Froggin' socks every now and then. Haven't done much of either one. Tootles!


leesa said...

I had to have that done too! were lucky thanks for the comments on my blog.

Dawn said...

OWWWW! That's all I can say! I can't believe you were up to doing things afterwards! I would've been acting like a big baby! :)

Nell said...

Ouch! Hopefully it all went well and your poor mouth is back to normal!