Friday, July 20, 2007

Do Nothing Day!

Today is a do nothing day...except relax. All weekend we'll be at a swim meet, melting from the heat! I'm even going to be gone when my Harry Potter book is being delivered! Whaaah! Might get some time to read it Sunday....sure! Just found this really cool site that has tons of socks to knit : knittychick . I was looking for Jen's Baudelaire sock pattern and found all of these too, wow wee! Wish I could knit faster or have more than an hour a day to make all these cool projects I keep little time so much I wanna knit!:) Not going anywhere today, not even swim practice, want my Jimmers to rest up for the weekend. So maybe I'll make time to work on those socks. I need to at least get one done! Well gotta for feed my laundery to ya'll later!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you! Let's see, they didn't use stitches, they stapled him shut and when the nurse was 'allowed' to remove them (permission from the surgeons PA) she did them in a row instead of every other one... so he ended up with a 4 cm hole in the incision, so we have a home health nurse in daily anyway to pack it and check on everything. I didn't post this on the blog,but when she was doing the resection, they found a new tumor, a satelite :( and she had to remove the entire rectum and a few feet of colon.... so he now has a permanant colostomy. I thought he'd be devistated but he's really handling it very well, and I could care less! I'm just happy that he's alive and well! Well, getting to well. He's not comfortable sleeping flat yet, but the recliner is his new best friend :) We're doing well... not much choice, but he's strong and has a fabulous attitude, so we'll be just fine. Enjoying our little break until the chemo starts again :) Thanks so much for all of your well wishes, I REALLY REALLY appreciate them :)

I don't think you can change the stockings on the witch, it's just coincidence and I really am more of a movie!Ravenclaw color sort of girl.

As to the memorizing the sock pattern, it's only 8 rows high and every other row is k10, p2, k10 and the other ones just sort of 'show' you what to do.... you sort of start to 'read' the knitting. I swear I LOVE sock knitting so much :)

My kitty is adorable isn't she ;) !!

and remember to be very quick with the hands-to-the-ears and the lalalalalalaas in case you run into ANYONE that could spoil the ending... I'll be reading it straight through until I'm done!!!

LOTS of love!!