Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ugh, my mouth hurts soooo bad. My dentist gives the worst shots that hurt for over a week. It feels like someone has punched me in the cheek. My friend yesterday even said it looked swollen. Then I could still feel him drilling on the tooth, ouch. I just don't numb with those shots. My face numbs but not the teeth. I didn't have this problem with my other dentist but his fillings/crowns never last. Maybe I need to find another dentist. I don't like feeling them work on my teeth. Even when I had a root canal they were able to give me a shot where I didn't feel them working on me? Hmmm.

Jimmy had a great swim day. First the private with his coach, then played (in the pool) at his friends house, then swim team practice. He's my little fish...almost 5 hours of swimming! He was quite tired last night. I came home and did my laps too, so Coach Falicia will be proud of me. I even practiced a new technique that the coach showed Jimmy for the breast stroke, which worked quite well. My darlin' hubby made me grilled cheese for dinner because my mouth was so sore and then ice cream for dessert. The ice cream felt so good on my cheeks.
Got a bath, watched a little tv (knit time) and went to bed.

My friend Jen's husband got to come home from the hospital. Yeah! Now they'll be able to get some rest. Prayers and thoughts are with them.

Today (Wednesday) is my long time friend Erica's birthday...Happy Birthday Erica!

Yeah, I don't have to rush off for any appts. today. Don't have to go anywhere until swim team practice this evening. Of course there is laundery to do and strawberries to jam!:) Have a great day!

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