Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My First Socks on Two Circulars!

Whoohoo, oh yeah! Hip, hip, hooray! My socks are finished! Yeah! These are the very first socks I have ever made. Maybe I'll frame them! ha ha Now on to the dpn ones! Had a dentist appointment yesterday for a cleaning and I have a cavity! Boo hoo! Must be the double bubble bubble gum I've been chewing, sugarless here we come! Then afterward went and got a carmel decaf frappacino, mmmmmm craving another as I'm writing this! I didn't know they even made decaf frapps! It tasted the same too. Guess where I'll stop on the way to swim practice today :) although I might try the chai tea or green tea, have never had either there? Any good? Found an awesome yesterday on a blog for a dump cake. Going to have my mom make it for my birthday. It has crushed pineapple, cherry pie filling, yellow cake mix, and pecans sprinkled on it. I must be hungry or something! Gonna go eat breakfast! Tootles!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn fro CA!

They are awesome, and way to go on the first pair, do we get pics :)?

knittinwolf said...

Hi Jenny,
I have no idea how to put pictures on the blog....soon!