Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitpicks Arrived!

Yeah! My Knitpicks ordered arrived. Two different sock yarns, sock book and the alpaca cloud for my Harry Potter Invisibility shawl! Can't wait to start the shawl, its going to be so pretty.
Steam cleaned carpets today, whew I'm pooped! Did laundery, seems I'm always doing laundery, guess were pretty clean or always dirty...:) Had a bunch of very ripe plums, peaches, and apricots...not enough of any of them to make a single jam so combined them all together and made jam surprise. I tasted it and it didn't taste bad at all. Just hated to see all that fruit go to waste. Went to the orthodontist with my son...he has to go back next week again because he isn't brushing well enough...ugh! They even asked which side of the toothbrush was he using...humiliating. Tomorrow I go to the dentist for a filling replacement, oh joy. It'll be a busy day tomorrow with that, with private swim coaching, swim team practice....whatever else comes up. Got to go fold laundery and get ready for swim team practice. Tootles!

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