Monday, July 9, 2007

My Birthday!

Fuji Ann was my present last year so this was her first birthday! Doesn't she look stylish for her party! She got a beautiful stuffed rose that says "I Love You."

I had a really great day. My dad brings my son a donut every Sunday and yesterday he brought me a huge cinnamon roll. He's so sweet! Later my darlin' hubby and son took me to Build a Bear and I made a cute monkey with pink leopard satin pjs. Very fun, I'll have to find me some of those pjs!

My knittin' group got together at Starbucks...mmm frappacino! I was working on my son's 2nd sock. Jo was working on her mile long Dr. Who scarf, Diane and Ann had their gorgeous mystery stoles there, Dolores was working on her flowers for a poncho, Ann was showing Mindy how to spin, Jaimie working on his Honda scarf and brought everybody a shawl pin he'd made (so nice), Mercedes and Hannah were working on wrist warmers but got bored and went to the mall! I also met Darcy for the first time, such a sweet lady and has my prayers sent her way. She was working on two socks on one circular needle...What a great group!

I came home and ordered some alpaca lace weight yarn for an invisibility shawl, four skeins of sock yarn and of course another sock book, hey it was 40% off :)! Can't wait for the mailman to deliver!

I'm worn out from the long weekend. Going to do laundery and relax today. I really need to start planning next years school lessons. Nah, I'd rather knit or read Back on Blossom Street! If I'm not knitting I'm reading about it! Tootles!

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Anonymous said...

Darn it ! I wanted to send you a snazzy e-card of Hermione knitting bobble hats for your birthday but I don't have your email :)


I'm glad that I met you :)
(thanks for the sweet comments today :)