Monday, July 30, 2007


I finished the Harry Potter book yesterday! Oh my gosh, I think it was the best one yet. My favorite part was the dying to talk to someone who has read it but don't want to ruin it for those who haven' my hubby. I did have to tell him it was a happy ending....I had to say something:) He's still on book five! How can I keep quiet? When they make it into a movie its going to be sooooo awesome!

Yeah, we pick the truck up today! I can't wait to drive it. Want to practice in the rural areas and not in town until I'm used to the size. I feel sorry for the curbs we will meet...jk! Its 45 minutes away so hubby and I are going to go out to lunch too...there's a yarn store not to far away...hmmmm. Got to get back to insure it and stuff. Plus Jimmy has swimming and I have a board meeting. I was going to join the masters swim team but my throat is still burning a little and stuffy nose, I should probably wait. (Still dreading the swim suit in front of stranger thing):)

So busy yesterday. I vacuumed the house...did laundry, ironed for an hour and a half...cleaned all three sure seemed a lot more when I was doing all that and it barely took up a line! Oh, I also vacuumed the pool and then did laps for 40 minutes. I knew there was something else that took a long time! Gonna go knit for 15 minutes before I have to get busy!


Jo said...

i have finished hp7...

"death got tired of sneaking up behind people and flapping his arms"

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Ann finished it also my hubby is caring for me and the girls right now see he hasnt gotten very far in his book.Darcy