Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh Yeah, It's Friday!

First off its my swim buddies birthday today...Happy Birthday Cindy! She was just made a grandma on Sunday night, a beautiful baby boy! Something extra to celebrate today!

My friend Darcy will hopefully be getting out of the hospital tomorrow too. Coach Falicia is healing nicely from her surgery performed on Tuesday. Lots of good news!

I'm feeling better today. I guess rest does work! I worked on my mosaic Pooh puzzle a lot, read a little Harry (no not done yet), and took a nap. Still a little congested but didn't wake up with my throat on fire! Have to be better by tomorrow because of the swim meet I need to run.

Found out yesterday that I'm a Wiener, oops I mean Winner! On my friend, Jen's, site I was the 500th comment. Not surprising by how much I talk! ha ha How she knows this I have no idea? Pretty cool though! She can whip out socks like nobodies business! She's posting a new one every couple of days its amazing! There not just plain socks either, they're beautiful works of art! So cool. I've been weeks on one! I now proclaim her the "Sock Queen!"

Since I didn't do much yesterday my laundry is overflowing, ironing board is yelling at me so gotta get busy.


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Anonymous said...

He! Sock Queen. Just don't look at Mt. WashMe growing in my closet!!