Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th!

Throw some salt over your shoulder....don't let a black cat cross your path...don't break a mirror...don't walk under a ladder...don't step on a crack or you'll break your mothers back...Ha Ha, Ha....Happy Friday the 13th!

Wow, its so quiet at my house right now that its weird! My son is with his best buddy going to a waterpark and then to a pizza place that is sort of like Chuck E. Cheese. They've been gone since 10:30 this morning...I hope the mom is ok with two excited little boys!:) I went and returned some pants that I got for my birthday and got a different pair. Low in behold three shirts jumped onto the counter to get paid for too. I just don't know how that happened but their really pretty and match things I have! Came home started the laundery, ate lunch and took a brief siesta. So relaxing....hey perfect time for some knittin'!

My friend, Jen's husbands surgery was a success. Thank God! Still praying for his recovery and that he'll be back on his feet soon and feeling better. They were able to cut out all the cancer which is totally awesome. Why is everyone getting this horrible disease? I just don't understand it. Today is the anniversary (8 months) that Andrea (my bff) was taken from us. She will never be forgotten. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of her and miss her. Words have left me...

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Falicia said...

Awh it's friday the thirteenth and I'm not there to protect you. LOL. Well don't do anything crazy like drinking lemonade before you swim you could really hurt yourself. LOL. I miss you already. I went to the doctors today for my pre-op appointment and they told me that they don't schedual appointments on fridays so they don;t know why the lady told me to come in. So in the end I told them that I had to get going out of town and to reschedual it for latter. So now I have to go in on thursday. Well I have to go but before I do I wanted you to know that I LOVED the jam that you and your little helper made for me. It was so sweet and yummy you need to market that!!! I'm gonna write about it tonite in my blog. Love ya so much.