Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today is a Better Day!

Today is going to be a better day than yesterday. Woke up to no ants, yeah! While I was watering my plants I noticed I have my first sunflower of the year! Pretty, huh?

I have an appointment with my endocrinologist today and hopefully all will go well there. Afterwards my son and I are going shopping for his best friends birthday gift. We've been looking but haven't found what were looking for. His birthday is tomorrow on Friday the 13th. They are going to go to Drytown Waterpark and then to Vince's Pizza for lunch. I'm sure they'll talk his mom into playtime at her house too. But by that time she'll probably be worn out! They're such good friends. His mom and I have also became real close this year. She has been an amazing friend to me, especially when I lost my best friend of 20yrs. this past November. She's been there for me to talk, cry, and give hugs to. Last night at swim team practice she brought me a birthday present. It's the cutest bag and soooo perfect for knitting stuff! Look at all the pockets! What's really cool is it came with gardening stuff, which is an extra bonus!

Later today when I get home from all my errands and running around, I'm going to make some yummy jam. My hubby got me some strawberries, apricots, plums, peaches, and nectarines at the farmers market by his work. Going to at least make strawberry jam today and maybe some apricot jam too if I have time before swim practice. TTFN!


Jenny said...

Hey! Thanks for your blessings :)

The surgery was a success , I came home to clean up and I'm heading back now but I wanted to say thank you so much!

kisses, jenny

Falicia said...

Well I hope that everything goes well today at your appointment and that you keep havin a supper wonderful day!! My primary care doctor is Dr. Lewenda....I don't like him. LOL. Are you going with Jimmy tomorrow? You should you can float around the lazy river and get hit on by all of the teenage boys. LOL. I better get some of that jam because if your jam is like the rest of the cooking then I HAVE to get some!!! Ok well I guess that I'll see you today when you pick me up for practice..I LOVE YOU :-)