Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nice Day!

It's been a nice, relaxing day. Did my swimming this morning, brrr was it cold getting in! Started laundery...took some advil for my mouth and read my book a little...did not much of anything until swim practice time.

My light blue crocs came today too. I love them soo much, they're so comfy. I also got a flamingo and cream chihuahua jibbitz too. It'd be so cool to have all the colors!

Found out this evening that my friend in the Knotty Knitter group gets to have her surgery next week instead of September. Thank God, she'll be able to start feeling better sooner. She has to have 5 surgeries at one time. Lord be with her and the doctors.

Going to go bathe and work on my sock and of course watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" Hopefully my mouth won't hurt so bad tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow............Tootles!

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