Monday, July 28, 2008

Caps & Cookies!

July 28 National Milk Chocolate Day
Been working on chemo hats and knitting birthday gifts! Going to make some sugar cookies and some chocolate mint cookies today. MMMMM! Good stuff! Jimmy and I still have the head cold and think James is coming down with it. Everyone I talk to is getting this summer cold, yuck! Stay home and don't spread it! Please continue to pray for my friend who's going through chemo...she has two more treatments left...give her the strength to endure this. Love & hugs!


Angela said...

we are just getting over the head cold thing.

Dawn said...

Darn! Just hang in there, these things take time. Hope you're back to feeling better soon. I'm not getting anything done you're way ahead of me! LOL!

((((Get Better Hugs!))))

Nell said...

That nasty cold is the only reason it's good we don't live closer to each other! No sickness allowed!!!

Best wishes to your friend. She'll be in my thoughts.