Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me....and Fuji....and my Grandma who's turning 89!

Look at what I found when I got back from the doctor and errands yesterday!
My TN buddy, Dawn, sent me all these wonderful things! A Ty sheepie I can play online with, a beautifully knitted lace washcloth with matching soap/sachet holder (filled with lavender sachets), Schaeffer yarn (so soft and yummy) what shawl shall I do with it? Plus she sent me a cupcake...not just any cupcake...its a candle! I almost bit into it anyways because it even smells real! Its the neatest thing I've ever seen and its low in calories!:) She sent me an e-card this morning too that said to "party my butt off".... She hasn't been feeling well lately and I can't believe she did all this for me, she's a really special lady! Thank you Dawn so much, it means so much to me...so glad to have you in my life! Love and hugs!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday!! As I get older I have learned to love my birthday even more. Not the growing older part so much but the celebration of me part.
Have a great day and take it easy!!

Dawn said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dawn!!!!! And Fuji!!!!! And Grandma!!!!! :) :) :)

Have A Fantastic Day!!!

Nell said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!