Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yarn Sale - Day 2!

Yes Dawn I went back!:) I couldn't help it...40%off everything! After yesterdays shopping spree I started thinking of all the yarn that I wanted but didn't get....well I had to have two more skeins of the Cloud 9 and then I saw all this other just kept jumping into my arms! Its soooo irresistable! Uncontrollable! At least they're not open tomorrow!:) They are doing two more days next weekend..but no I have enough! Just thought that now I have to catalog all this onto Ravelry. Ha ha that'll take all week and I'll be ready for more next weekend! Just kidding! Bunch of my buddies showed up too...Knottyknitter40 (Darcy) and her husband Knakedknitter (Tom), Katnmouse (Jackie), Jaymie, and met someone from Rav DigitalKnitter. Very cool seeing what everyone was hording in their arms and getting! Real fun to see the grimaces of pain as we handed over our credit cards! Oh I also got a really cute charm bracelet that has a bunch of knitting charms on it...tried to take a pic of it but it kept blurring and didn't come out. Came home and had an enjoyable visit with Katnmouse...figured out a pattern she needed help on...not much knittin but lots of good gabbin! What a great day!

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Dawn said...

Oh my, you need WAY MORE ;O) Keep checking back, some stores bring stuff out in stages. It's just cool to get things you normally wouldn't try because of price. That's what had me going back so often and in my case we just weren't sure "when" she would close the door for good. It's sad that they're closing, but we can do our part to help them reduce inventory! I bet your credit card is out of breath! LOL!!

I can't wait to see it all!!! :)