Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mail from Nell!

Lookie at what I got in the mail on Monday! A birthday prezzie from Chicken Knits! She was even away on a relaxing vacation in Chicago/Michigan and sent me this! So sweet of her! Thank you, Thank you! After seeing a pic of her sister who lives in Chicago and Nell's graduation from nursing school pics...I think we're related! Notice how the card matches the mini sweater pattern! Awesome! The mini sweater pattern even comes with a mini hangar...too cute. Can't wait to knit it!

Haven't been knitting because I caught Jimmy's bug! So far James hasn't caught it...he had to stay home Monday because we were both down for the count. We're doing better but still weak and have the head cold part of! Take care and stay well!


Dawn said...

Keep getting better! :) I miss reading your posts!

Nell said...

I'm so glad you like it!!!! We may be related. Funny how my brunette mom and blond dad got 2 redheads and a blond!

Feel better. This bug is resilient!

Angela said...

My kids are having the head cold thing. And then I got it of course. Mt husband seems to have avoided it. I hate having three sick ones. It is so miserable.