Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peach Ice Cream Day!

July 17th.... is Peach Ice Cream Day. Its a cool, peachy keen day.
Its also Yellow Pig Day! Ellen Stanley, a Texas art teacher created National Pig Day in 1972. Her intent was to to recognize and be thankful for pigs as intelligent domestic animals.
This day in history...
The Harvard School of Dentistry becomes the first dental school in the U.S. (1867)
The air conditioner was invented. (1902) Thank God!
Walt Disney's Disneyland opens in Anaheim, Ca. (1955)
Took Jimmy to the dentist cavities...hip, hip, hooray! I go next! After dentist we went out to lunch together and then shopping. Knitting on birthday and Christmas gifts so can't post pics or say what I'm knitting!
Go eat like a pig some peach ice cream and be thankful for air conditioning! ha ha

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