Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

We're home! Our reservations were for Morro Bay State Beach...we arrived their Sunday evening and oh my goodness was it cold! It was between 50-60 degrees! Brrrr! We stayed their one night and the next day found another campground, KOA, further inland in Santa Margarita. Beautiful campground! Squirrels as big as cats! Even got some pics of red headed woodpeckers, how appropriate is that!:)

Monday was moving day and went shopping in Atascadero (my favorite yarn shop, The Scarlet Skein) and shopping in Morro Bay. Yarn photos another day! Tuesday was beach play day...61 degrees on the beach with wind...needless to say I didn't put the bathing suit fact I wrapped up in towels and water boy though of course had to get in the surf, I'm surprised you can't see the goose bumps on him in the pic! We made some cool sand castles too.

Wednesday we went shopping and sightseeing in San Luis Obisipo (3 yarn stores):) and Cambria (1 yarn store).:) Thursday was packing up and coming home! Had a great time! My IBS acted up quite a bit but dealt with that. Totally exhausted from the five days! Now its laundry, laundry, laundry, and cleaning out the trailer.

Yes, I took this myself...what a great photographer I least you can't see my double chin!:)


Nell said...

What a fun trip! Aren't kids funny? They'll swim in any temperature.

At least we can't see up your nose!

Angela said...

We went camping at Pismo North State Beach Memorial Day weekend and froze as well. Oh man it was Cold at night. We slept in tents, I would love a trailer. You guys look like you had such a great time. And no I won't leave until August 6 or 7th. I am so excited.

Dawn said...

My girls do the same thing! I was recording them on video and was shivering so bad the footage was all shaky! They were having a blast tho! Hey, at least it's COOLER there, it's an escape some of us (ME) wish we still had!;O)

I miss CA so much. sob.

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I wish we could go camping looks like you had such fun:)I would love to see the scarlet skein someday.Hugs Darcy