Thursday, March 27, 2008


Forest Canopy Shawl...before blocking!
Fleece Artist Sea Wool: Sunset
US 7 needle/BO with size US 8
Did two extra repeats on the body, could have probably done 3 but got nervous!:)
Had to go the the dentist today because I was chewing on Double Bubble (grape Dawn!) and was folding clothes and I felt my crown lift off! Ugh! Was scared they'd have to do more work but all they had to do was re-cement it...whew!:) Gonna go knit on my Valentine sock two! Still congested but at least now I can breathe through my nose some! Progress, whohoo!


Dawn said...

That is SO FUNNY!! Remember that happened to me not that long ago?(Except for me it was those darn Starbursts!) You totally calmed me down and here you sounded (almost) as nervous as I was! LOL! I'm laughing over here...too funny. I'm really glad that's all they had to do! :)

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Need to go to dentist broke out a good size piece of my moller when in hospitol.I have to chew on other side of my mouth could you recommend a good Dentist? Darcy

Nell said...

You avoided dental disaster! Thank goodness!