Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bunny Slippers!

Just finished these slippers for my niece, Lila. Isn't she cute? She lives in NY, wish I could give her a big squeeze. These are for her 2nd birthday. She's getting so big! I got a couple of bunny books, bunny bath toy, and bunny soap to go with these. I love doing theme gifts where everything matches. So fun!

Went to Outback steakhouse last night for dinner for James' birthday dinner. Oh yumm! I got an 8oz. prime rib and could only eat half of it. Its like my stomach shrunk when I was sooo sick. Guess thats a good thing huh? James got a 16 oz one but I think it was really half the was at least 2 in. thick and 8 in. long...we doggy bagged it and brought it home for lunch today.:) After dinner we went to Build a Bear and Jimmy got the cutest stuffed elephant, which he named Peanut. I love that place..its so fun. I'm such a big kid! Tomorrow my knitting group is getting together...hope I feel like going...its been so long since I've been. Have a great weekend!


Marisol said...

How utterly adorable! Your niece is such a cutie:) Lucky girl to have an auntie that spoils her so:)

Nell said...

I love theme gifts too! It makes it so fun to shop when you've already narrowed the focus.

Very cute bunny slippers!

Dawn said...

Those are WAY too cute! I love how you did the eyes! Great Job!