Thursday, March 13, 2008

Slippers & Cake!

Yeah a finished object! I knitted these pocketbook slippers for a special lady at my husbands work. She's going to be having surgery next week so thought these would cheer her up. Please pray for her, for strength, comfort, and a fast recovery.

This is James' birthday cake I bought for him yesterday. Its called cookie dough delirium from Cold Stone Creamery....its was soooooo yummy. Can you find whats wrong with it though? Look how the girl spelled birthday...we got the biggest laugh last night. Went and got him a dress shirt and tie, a dvd and money in a card so he can get a tool he's wanting. We had a really nice time. I also went to Bath and Bodyworks and stocked up on lots of good smellin' stuff. Boy was I worn out last night! Also got some more plants/flowers at Walmart so I can do some more gardening. Although I don't know if that will happen since we're having 20-30 mile an hours winds and rain this weekend. Poor birdies are having a hard time flying...I might just blow away!:)


Nell said...

HAHA!! Great cake. Anything Cold Stone is good for me!

Dawn said...

Did she give you a discount?? LOL! Cute slippers, I recently saw some somewhere but didn't click on the link to see what they really look like! Those are cute! :)

Take it easy and slow, you've been down too long with that bug, we need you knitting again! LOL!