Sunday, March 9, 2008

Charlie Brown Easter Kit!

Another awesome kit from Woolgirl! Each kit came with a Charlie Brown Easter sock pattern...a gorgeous egg stitch marker...Charlie Brown Easter keychain....lots and lots of candy and she even personalized the Easter egg! And of course we cannot go without noticing the wonderful White Oak Studio yarn in greens, purple and pink...sooooo pretty. The next Charlie Brown kit is Joe Cool. Love these kits. I need to work on my Valentine ones sometime...don't even have one done yet! Still working on the chemo hat and still sick....ugh! Take care and I pray no one gets this horrible flu...I've had it since Feb. 23! I'm getting sick of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast...the BRAT diet! Have lost almost 20lbs though, gotta look at the positive! Gotta go lay down again!


Nell said...

20 lbs?!?!?! Can you come over and lick my face????

Just kidding! I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Keep getting lots of rest and fluids.

Dawn said...

OMgosh!! 20 lbs is a LOT! You better tell me soon that you've gone back to the doctor....
I wish it was easier to guilt you into it!!! ;O)

That kit is so cool. Do you get one every month? Well, your stash is growing, that's all that matters! LOL!

Take care & Get BETTER!