Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've been tagged!

4 jobs I've held: Frito Lay Chip stocker; Pre-school teacher; Domestic Violence Counsellor; MFT -marriage/family therapist; best job ever is being a Mommy!

4 movies I like: Harry Potter (all); 13 going on 30; Just Like Heaven; Cinderella

4 places I've been: Hawaii Hula Dancer ; Nevada; Idaho, Arizona

4 places I've lived: Lancaster; Lancaster; Lancaster; Lancaster

4 tv shows I watch: I Love Lucy; Survivor; American Idol; CSI; ICarly; Disney channel and Nick!

4 radio shows I listen to: I don't.

4 favorite foods: pizza Pizza , orange chicken, chocolate truffles, mint ice cream

4 places I'd rather be: Cambria; any beach; Ireland; any place as long as James and Jimmy are with me and Fuji too!

Tropical IslandHappy Birthday Andrea (1971-2006)! Best Friends Forever!


Nell said...

I like that you were specifically a Frito Lay Chip stocker!

Angela said...

Thanks for coming by. I would love to go to Ireland too. But I am a freak about taking my kids anywhere overseas. (I don't know why...I told you I am a freak)