Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chemo Hat Finished!

Finished the chemo hat I started, I pray that whom I made it for won't need it. I need one of those styrofoam heads to put hats on...Jimmy didn't really want to model for my pic! I interrupted his game!:) Now I can work on my Valentine socks...although I need to make a pair of slippers for my grandma for her birthday. Woke up this morning with snow on the mountains around us...weird here last week I was in shorts! Jimmy woke with a tummy ache and poops...sure hope he's not getting my crud. I'm supposed to go to my Knotty Knitter meeting but have to wait and see how my baby is feeling.


Dawn said...

Oh no...what a bummer. I hope he's not getting that bug either...:(

Take good care of him and hang in there, I hope you're able to make it to your knitting meeting after all!


Nell said...

I hope he feels better soon! And that's very sweet of you to send off a chemo cap with nice thoughts attached to it.