Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning!

Finished another pair of pocketbook slippers, these ones are for my grandmothers birthday. Birthday Also started the Forest Canopy Shawl in some Fleece Artist Sea Wool called sunset. Its gorgeous and really looks like a sunset with pinks, oranges, yellow/brown...awesome. I'm also ordering some gorgeous alpaca/merino yarn from Lizet in the UK for my clapotis and another canopy shawl (love this pattern.) Ooooooooh can't wait to touch it and see it and use it! So excited!

I ironed Ironing yesterday and when I put the clothes away the spring bug bit me in the butt and I started cleaning out closets and drawers. I have 5 give away bags so far! But I forgot to write things down so have to still do that for taxes, duh!:) Jimmy's still congested and snotty...poor guy. No, I'm not being a meany and making him do a bunch of school!

Tomorrow morning my sweet friend is having her surgery...please pray Prayer for her to be calm and wisdom/knowledge for the doctors. Also that she will have a quick recovery and feel better soon. May she feel our love and hugs!


Dawn said...

Hey! I saw you on Rav too! LOL!
And I responded but you disappeared! :(

Sending good thoughts for your friend. I hate surgeries, but there are some really great docs out there. Here's to her fast recovery! :)

Have a great day!
PS. Which colorway did you pick for your clapotis?

Nell said...

Sending good surgery vibes her way!

And if you feel like cleaning more, feel free to stop by! ;)