Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't forget to wear your green today! Sent hubby in a bright green shirt with a St. Patrick tie today...such a great sport!:)
Went to the Knotty Knitters meeting and had a blast! Stayed for over 4 hours! Darcy brought some Malabrigo and other goodies she bought at Stitches West...droool!:) Her and Diane are making the Clapotis and it looks soooo awesome. I came home and printed off the pattern and might go to the local LYS to see if they have anything I can use for it. It looks challenging and fun! I worked on my Valentine sock and now I'm to the toe, whoohoo then I can start sock 2! A lady in the group, Carol (Sock Queen) was knitting some socks from Woolgirls Seven Deadly Sins....awesome...she can crank out socks like nobodys business...amazing! Michele was knitting a scarf, Robin was knitting two socks on one circ magic looped, Tally was crocheting a couple of different things, Jaime and Mindy were there and also Jo, Melissa and Alexis (couldn't see what they were working on). The groups getting bigger! Then some movie star came in (I have no idea who she was) but they got some autographs and Darcy got her pic with her which I'm sure she'll put on her blog. Very cool! Can't wait till the next meeting in two weeks!


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

See if the palette has a colorway in noro silk garden that has at least 7 skeins 8 skeins of the same colorway would be best.If they dont check ebay for a large lot of same color lot skeins you want 7 to 8 of the same color lot.Hugs Darcy

Dawn said...

Sounds like you have a huge group! :) It's funny, we talk so much at mine that I don't really remember what anyone was knitting, half the time we put it away after a bit and just talk! We better get with it! LOL!

Nell said...

Your blog reminded me this morning to put on my green. And I totally forgot!!!! Lots of pinches today. :)