Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Charlie Brown Valentine Sock #1!

Charlie Brown Valentine Sock number 1 is finished! This is the second time though that I knit this one. Didn't think I'd have enough for both socks so had to frog it and start over where I have enough for both of them. Love this Magic Loop method and of course love this White Oak yarn...my favorite sock yarn!:) These remind me of chocolate covered cherries!
Did everyone remember to wear green yesterday? I even blogged about St. Patrick's Day and guess who forgot to wear green!:) Duh! Found another pattern yesterday that I want to do...Forest Canopy Shawl . Darcy had this at the knittin' meetin' and its gorgeous! What a great way to use stash yarn too. You can do it with a skein....hint hint Dawn....stash bustin girlie!:) Haven't found yarn yet for the Clapotis...gotta find just the right stuff! Yes, I know I need to work on Sock 2! Have a great day!


Needles (aka Carol) said...

Great job finishing. I really love how it looks. I need to try White Oak yarn.

Nell said...

Yeah for stash busting! And yay for Magic loop. I uesd to LOVE dpns. But I think I'm sold on this ML thing.

Dawn said...

I love the colorway of your sock!
Very purty!

I was looking for some patterns for my Lorna's Laces stash (gotta get that stash down someday! LOL) and saw some clapotis's. Check out Ravelry!! The Lion & Lamb is way expensive, but you could use the sock yarns for one too, they have such pretty colorways.

That shawl is gorgeous! You're so much braver than me! hahaha!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Yummy colorway:)Darcy