Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

MMMMM fresh lavender smells so good!

Earth Day 2010!!

Happy Earth Day!
What are you doing to celebrate?
Eco-friendly products? Plant a tree? Turn off electronics? Recycling?

James planted six trees this past weekend! They're beautiful, they provide shade, consume CO2 (that's good), and they produce oxygen. Bought more plants to plant too! Also doing a lot of cutting to make more and more trees! We recycle...we use earth friendly cleaning products (vinegar)...compact fluorescent bulbs in the name a few!

Happy Dogs on Thursday too!:)


Soxnitter said...

Been doing some spring planting around here, too. Fresh bedding plants, a rose, lavender. Trying to keep the dogs from "helping" me.

Dawn said...

We planted three in the back yard and donated one we didn't use to Richard's plant since they had to take out trees when they built it on that land. Wish I could do more greenery but my allergies are KILLING me! LOL!

Channon said...

LOVE your flower dog!

doggywisdom said...

hi, thanx so much for visiting.
we are glad u like our post.

u r so lucky to have such a large family.sounds fun.

hope we shall be furiends
wags, Bud n Gin

Nichole said...

Happy Earthy-DOT! :) Great pics!

Courtney said... fuji pics!

KnitNurd said...

Oh, good idea...maybe I'll stop by Lowe's today for some flowers!
Fuji is so cute sniffing the lavender...

Cat said...

I love the photos, I would have to be careful with my Rudee sniffing something, the next picture would be of him EATING it. The only exception seems to be black berries... Today's doings? Er. Using only what I need, I guess. That and turning the thermostat down. (Well, that was Husband's idea, but I went along with it.)


g-girl said...

we did a bit of planting as well..but then the rain hit so not sure how those sunflowers i planted are gonna do..or the other stuff. :P

Sue said...

My dogs like to help with the plants, too. When they do I wish they were Fuji's size so they didn't do quite so much damage.

Vivian said...

Ah, Fuji, picture perfect cuteness!