Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings...

"Talk to the hand"
Went to Valencia today to Jimmy's dental cavities! Whoohoo!
We then drove towards home (45 minutes from us) and went to Panera for lunch (yummy fuji apple salad)...went to Petsmart to get superworms for our bearded dragon...Kohl's to get James some more slacks...and a couple other places looking for Mommy's Day stuff. Busy, busy day! Off to knit night tonight...I'll probably fall asleep!

50% alpaca, 30% merino, 20 % silk
Seems like I've had this on the wheel forever...since October I know of! Wow, but now it's done! It is 446 yards of fingering/lace weight; 2 plied. When I finished plying it I wound it off onto the chair, well I wound really good and couldn't get it off the chair, poop it took me 1.5 hours just to get it on the chair!! Had to wind it onto my swift from the chair (2 hours) so I could collapse the swift to get it off. Then I went to Soak it, supposed to soak for 15 minutes...completely forgot about it till the next day! I have know idea where my head was with this!
When I first started spinning it I had a project in mind for it but since its been so long I have no idea what that project was now!:) I know a shawl but can't remember which one! Really like how it turned to spin something else! Was extremely excited to hear that TN Dawn is starting to cross over to the dark side of spinning! So cool to hear about her progress! Soon we'll be hearing her buying a wheel!:) She has a friend letting her test drive one right now!:)


Courtney said...

That is beautiful yarn! Sounds like you have had a busy day!

Dawn said...

That's just GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I gotta get you some pink stuff one day and pay you to spin it for me! ;O)
Dawn, you're a PRO, start selling it and you won't be able to hold onto it! (Just give me first dibs k? LOL!!!!)

Yay for Jimmie and a good dentist report! That's awesome!

Have fun at Knit Nite, wish I could go with u!

KnitNurd said...

Great dental report!!! I love that yarn,and I agree, you should start selling it!

Channon said...

I need to find a new dentist. Thanks for the reminder!

Beautiful handspun.

Cat said...

Good job on the no cavities!

I adore that handspun. I was just at an ag fair trying to convince kids to go to the dark side of spinning, actually got a few interested. If I'd had colors like that, might have gotten a few more!


g-girl said...

pretty! glad to hear jimmy is cavity free. :)