Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pic for Jen!!!!

I've gotten to the part I can start doing the dang toe! How in the world did I do this sock where I have to purl the whole thing? It looks like its for a very fat foot too??? I even used itty bitty size 2 dpn! Oh well...I will finish it! I'll do better about putting more pics on too....:)

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Jenny said...

You had to purl the whole thing?
You are new to sock knitting... You're doing dpns right? even if you're doing magic loop, or 2 circs at the same time... when you're holding your sock to knit, think of it as a tea cup... you should be knitting (drinking) from the part closest too you... the 'bottom' of the sounds like you are working from the 'top of the cup' which would make you have to purl. Which isn't all bad, it'll totally help your tension on purling, (and I hate purling) but it'll take you a hundred million years....I don't even have any socks on the needles ...GASP!... but I'll cast on something and show you :)