Thursday, August 9, 2007


Uggg! Yesterday I took Fuji to get her one year old shots and she weighs 10lbs. Such a big girl! When we got home I found ants in my pantry. Started cleaning that mess up and spraying and found they were in my kitchen and my palm tree bathroom! I hate ants! Of course one of the tiny boogers crawled into a hole of my crocs and bit me! Had to stop and get alcohol to put on it because it started swelling and itching. Finally go them cleaned up. This morning I found some in my laundry room and hallway. 5:00 a.m. I'm cleaning ants!

My cold has now turned into a sinus infection. So far I'm doing ok with the medicine not killing my stomach too bad. Hope I feel better soon because we have a longgggg swim meet this weekend on both days. Jimmy is really getting into his swimming and improving sooo much. He's shaving off seconds off his time at each meet. He isn't enjoying practices that much because there are some bullies on the team which aren't disciplined and made to stop hurting kids. Looking into other options. The one were considering is 45 minutes away whereas right now were 10 minutes. Have to think whats best for Jimmy.

Hubby went and bought 12 trees so we can start getting a wind break and landscaping. The people looked at him real weird and asked if he had enough room for these trees!:) Can't wait to get them planted.

Knitting news...started another dishcloth pattern. These are quite fun and quick. Sock yarn is still staring at me!:) Gotta go grab me some more advil! TTFN


Anonymous said...

1. Ants do suck!

2. Congrats to the boy! and bullies, like ants, suck!

3. Is hubby in ANY shape to plant trees with his sholder... wait.... wrong Dawn....hehehe, when will it end!?

4. Your package will be going out today :) I'm a terrible procrastinator! Hope you like it!, no Jibbitz, I'm shopping for those this weekend so you'll get ANOTHER package :)

Anonymous said...

Ants. Here is my experience. Use this: If they are the sugar ants, Pharoh ants, black ants, piss ants (is what we called them growing up) they tend to be attracted to water therefore being in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. The terro stuff goes in your switchplates, just a small amount (the package will tell you) and poof! they are gone. Seriously. It is the Borax that kills them. Good luck!