Friday, August 10, 2007

Cleaning the Dwelling!

Today I've got to get my cave cleaned and all my chores done because we have a swim meet all weekend. Oh joy! Keep hoping my head will stop pounding off from this sinus infection and that the medicine will start working. It was real nice at swim team practice last night. No bullies and great coaching! I'm surprised I don't have ulcers from all the worrying I do....

Almost finished another dishcloth but ran out of yarn. I only have 7 more rows! So put it on a holder until I have time to go get some and casted on for another. Won't be able to do a pic of it either because am doing them for Christmas gifts!

Gotta go blow my nose and get another cup of hot tea. Bought some really yummy kind the other day its Lipton black tea but has the flavor added...Vanilla Carmel Truffle and the other one is Orange Spice. Pretty yummy hot or cold. The truffle one comes in cute, clear, triangular bags! Guess I'm easily entertained!:)


Anonymous said...

Hehe! Cave!!

Oh I hope you feel better soon! Don't forget a visor and sunglasses! The last thing you need is for the light to bother you, even indoors!

jo said...


wait that's more werewolf than cavewoman

love the new outfit btw

how about

grrrr, me tarzan, no me not tarzan, me jo, you not tarzan neither, you dawn

i'm wasted, but hey i tried ;)