Thursday, August 16, 2007

Walmart Day!

My mouth hurts sooo bad...especially the jaw. Swollen and bruised too. Thank God for makeup! I have to go to Walmart today and get stuff. Really need some chocolate mint ice cream (for my mouth of course)!:) Slept most of the day yesterday except to take Jimmy to swim practice. Also watched "So You Think You Can Dance." All the final four are really good. Sabra and Lacey have been real consistent the whole time except for Lacey's solos. It'd be a tough decision. Love that show! Gotta go do laundry and, fun, fun. Tomorrow is Legoland! Whoohoo!

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Melissa F. in CA said...

Have fun at Legoland! My family and I love it :) We brought our RV this last visit and it made all the difference in the world as we were able to leave for a bit (without going too far), eat, rest and go back to close down the park LOL!