Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Finished Cat Cloth!

Yeah, I finished the cat cloth. It turned out so good. Need to block it and it'll look better. Also bought some more cotton to make more dishcloths. They're really fun and it doesn't take forever to finish!:)

My aunt made some pickles the other day and gave me some....yummy, they're sooo good. Whew, just made my mouth water!

My electric fence isn't working today and is open so I can't go anywhere until hubby gets home tonight and fixes it. Gonna make some jam and knit a bit!


Anonymous said...

Jam!? Nice! I tried jam last summer, Hungarian HotPepper/Mango ... it didn't set well, more like hotpeppermango syrup... I think it may have been a problem with the acid?

Peggy said...

So that is what a cat cloth looks like....and I guess one can actually use it. I want one after your Mammy's birthday. Glad you liked the zuke pickles.

jo said...

electric fence problems making you feel like a prisoner? then you need a pogo-a-go-go! just hop on over to your local LaborExploitationDiscountWarehouse and pick one up for a mere $99999.99! you'll wonder what you ever did without one!

sorry i couldn't resist ;)