Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Root Canal, Part 2

Today I get the other half of my root canal done. Sound fun and exciting I know! I'll be numb on one side all day! Guess I'll have to put my avatar in a pirate outfit again!:) If I feel good enough I still have a lot more school to plan. I did get math, language, and writing finished yesterday. You can tell I don't write much because I got such a writers cramp! Another fun thing I did yesterday was break my baby toe! My hubby left a ladder (metal 40ft) in the laundry room and I had the clothes in my hand and phone to my ear and the dang ladder jumped out, grabbed my baby toe and yanked! Can you imagine the horror! Dropped the clothes (luckily not on my Fuji), phone went flying, and I stood there frozen. Hurt so bad I couldn't even say a curse word, which is a good thing....Poor little piggy is purply, red, blue color. No he didn't go wee, wee, wee all the the way home! Gotta get ready for my appt.!


Jenny said...

:( SORRY for your piggy and your tooth! Our OtherDawn had a dental appointment today too...are you SURE you two are different people ;)

jo said...

dude, broken toes hurt...i know, but i won't tell you how i know