Tuesday, August 14, 2007

School Planning!

I've got to start getting my lesson plans all written and planned out for the year. I'm going to be doing this alllllllll week! I have all the curriculum and everything I want to use but I'm very anal about having absolutely everything written out and planned down to the day we start till the day we end. Then if I'm sick or something anyone can come in and see what to do. Such a good girl...ahhhh!:)

Friday is hopefully our Legoland trip....as long as none of us gets sick. Of course Jimmy wakes up today snotty but hopefully that's just wake up boogies! Lovely blog talk!

Booked the hotel for our La Jolla trip. Its a swim meet in the ocean. Its called La Jolla Rough Water Swim but its in a cove and not too far out into the ocean. That is on September 9th but were staying the night before because its over 3 hours away and want him to practice the day before. Poor kid has never even been in the ocean and he's going to swim 250yds.! He's excited and wants to do it though. Think he wants the "Survivor" medal more than anything!:)

Gonna go start my chores....TTFN

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Anonymous said...

I've been to LaJolla~~!! My former best friends dad lived there! I used to live in OB, did I ever tell you that !? I was a nanny...my 'suite' overlooked the pacific....lovely :)