Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Monday!

Gonna take it easy today...pooped out from the weekend. Haven't decided yet if we're going to swim team practice tonight. Going to make some phone calls today regarding swim teams and get some questions answered.

Also am going to make some more strawberry jam...I'm being a squirrel and stocking up for winter! Plus they're sitting on my counter and want to do it before my pesky little piss ants find them! Can't wait to get some of the stuff Dawn suggested!

Jen, yes I've had a hang up about knitting in public but I'm coming out of my shell now! Usually I end up yapping to much to knit too!:) Then I mess up whatever I'm knitting....or if I'm at an appt. they'll call my name when I'm right in the middle of a row....I know excuses, excuses! I did start getting the hang of not looking at my knitting the whole time I'm doing it! Another hang up, yes, afraid I'm going to mess up!

See ya later alligator!

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uummmmmmmmmm jaaaaammmmmmmmmm